Professional Experience

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-Circuit Judge, 18th East Judicial District, Division II, 2015-present

-During his time on the bench, Judge Naramore:

  • implemented a diversion program for juvenile cases that has successfully rehabilitated over 90% of the participating youth, allowing the shifting of court resources and time to focus on high risk, high need, and more dangerous youth
  • oversaw a 37% reduction in juvenile crime rates countywide since being elected
  • saved over $2 million taxpayer dollars annually as a result of juvenile justice reforms
  • offered inclusive training to all seven Garland County school districts and law enforcement in best practices approaches to provide early, school-based intervention, managed by court personnel
  • started first Teen Court program in Garland County

-Oversees juvenile drug court

-Directs intake and crisis officers 24/7 to assist law enforcement and troubleshoot youth issues



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